Video Cage

Reservation Request Form

The Video Cage provides equipment for Film/video sophomore,Junior, Senior, Grad and non-majors in some classes.
Please fill out the request and check the equipment needed for your production.
When submitted, the request will be reviewed. Following the review, a reply will be sent to your Mass Art email approving the request.
Please allow 24-48hrs for processing. You will be contacted if there are any problems with your request.
Requests are processed during normal business hours in the order that they are received. Reservation requests are closed 48hrs before the check- out date.

Please Note: The Boutique is open for check out and return by reservation only. There are no cage hours or walk-ins. Equipment can be reserved for pick up and return by appointment only.

Equipment checked-out can not be renewed .*Equipment limitations are in place with one kit, one camera per person,1 tripod..etc. Other equipment limitations may be also be in affect.
This form does not reserve equipment or guarantees your reservation. It only produces a reservation request. Equipment requested may not be available at the time you request it. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your Mass Art e-mail address from Mass Art Webcheckout

* Equipment packages over $5,000 will require insurance.


1. Please start with the general info. Once filled out, the appropriate boxes will appear for your type kit.

2. Select the equipment for your production.

3. Select date and time when you want to check out and return the equipment.

4. Check and agree to the terms and conditions

Reservation  request  form