TRIPODS – Dos and Don’t of using a Tripod

Here are a few tips when using a tripod


√   DO – Get a tripod that fits the camera that you are using
Consider the weight of the camera and payload of the tripod

√   DO – Make sure your tripod is sufficiently weighted
You can weight the legs or hang a bottle or sand bag in the center

√   DO – Extend the thickest sections of the legs first
Extend the thicker sections first ( thicker sections are the most stable)

  DO – Protect your tripod from water, sand and other debris
Avoid submerging the joints and locks in sand or water.

info  Please clean the tripod before folding it up

                                   X    DON’T – Raise the center column until the legs are fully extended
Use the the legs first (more stable)

X   DON’T – Over-tighten the screws
Firmly finger tight ( Could cause the screws or locks to strip)

                                 X   Don’t – Pan or Tilt the tripod head with the locks tight
loosen pan the and tilt locks before panning or tilting the head

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