FV Access Policy

Please Read The FV Policy

FALL/SPRING 2021/2022**

1. Only students currently enrolled in the Film/Video program have access to the film and video cages (unless otherwise specified). PRO ARTS/COF Students who cross register can not sign-out Film/Video equipment for overnight use.

2. All Film/Video users are financially liable for loss, damage and theft when using Film/Video equipment. This includes all accessories, cases, cables, etc.

3. Equipment must be picked up and returned during scheduled equipment reservation hours only. The F/V cages are open for check out and return by reservation only. There are no back to back reservations. Please see the Equipment reservation request read me for more info.

4. Reservations will be held only for 30 minutes, after which it will be forfeited. Please note: you must pick-up and return the equipment in “person”

5. Students must present a valid MASS ART ID to access all Film/Video equipment. NO EQUIPMENT WILL BE CHECKED-OUT WITHOUT A CURRENT VALID MCA ID.

6. Any equipment you have checked out is not considered returned until checked in by cage staff. All incoming equipment must be in good working order. Please note: You are still responsible for all damages and missing items until the equipment is fully checked.

7. Inexcusable lateness in returning equipment will result in LOSS OF SIGN-OUT privileges. See * Late Policy * notice for details.

8. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR ANY EQUIPMENT! Please notify studio manager immediately.

9. Sharing of equipment or checking out equipment for someone else is PROHIBITED; violation will result in LOSS OF ACCESS.

10. Your equipment is late (and strike-able) if returned incomplete (e.g. without any accessory).

11. Fees will be assessed (above item cost) for cable replacement, accessories, etc.

12. Equipment packages over $5,000 will require insurance

***13. Electronic Signature Agreement. By selecting the “I Accept” button, you are signing this Agreement electronically. You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this Agreement and other Film/Video agreement forms. By selecting “I Accept” you consent to be legally bound by this and other film/video Agreement’s terms and conditions. You further agree that your use of a key pad, mouse or other device to select an item, button, icon or similar act/action, or to otherwise provide the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. or in accessing or making any transaction regarding any agreement, acknowledgement, consent terms, disclosures,webcheckout agreement form or conditions constitutes your signature (hereafter referred to as “E-Signature”), acceptance and agreement as if actually signed by you in writing.

1X= Loss of reserving equipment one month for equipment that is late 30 minutes pass the check in time
2X= loss of checkout privileges for one calendar semester
Severe lateness (24 hours or more) will result in a late fee of $100 for each equipment item out and $25 for accessories and cables

There are no exceptions to this policy.Your Access to the Film/Video Area could permanently be revoked if you are found in violation of any rule on this policy.

** This policy is subject to change
*** Information collected and electronic signature are used for cage checkout only